Yomillio Business Networking Event in Bangalore Attracts Large Crowd

November 7, 2017, Posted By : Team Yomillio

On Nov 4th, the Biz Summit 01 event organised by Yomillio at the Evoma Business Center created a lot of buzz, bringing together hundreds of startups and SMEs in the 0-6 year stage. Attendees participated in networking, a fruitful session with top businessmen as panellists, and topic experts as speakers who shared their business success secrets.

The feedback about what Yomillio is trying to do with such events – providing platforms and a venue for “Business Networking in Bangalore” – has been great and positive.


One of the interesting startup service providers pitching at the event was 21 Dojo, with a mission to cap the gaps that exist in startup ecosystems across the globe, and simplify the early-stage fundraising process for all involved.

21dojo Biz Summit pitch Arvind Radhakrishnan, Cofounder of 21Dojo, pitched his business at the event, elaborating about the mission of his startup venture.

He found the Biz Summit event held by Yomillio of great help for networking and for finding great leads in Bangalore. The event helped in bringing together startups of all kinds for better visibility and opportunity to network. Yomillio itself is a business community for SMEs to get more leads, sales, funding, branding and business support services.

As per Arvind, the way Yomillio is helping startups and SMEs connect with investors is commendable. The event was a hit as everyone got great networking opportunities. Business networking is one of the most important things a startup founder has to do. This event held at Evoma attracted around 150 participants, and there were ample opportunities for everyone interested in business growth.

Other attendees, who had simply registered for the free Biz Summit, also noted satisfaction that they had got the opportunity to see business leaders up close and hear from them. They’re just like us, said one of the participants, and it gives us hope that one day, we can be like them too.

We plan to organise more such events in future, and the second Biz Summit will be held in January 2018. This series, and all the other Yomillio events, will connect you with Bangalore’s largest SMEs and startups, expert speakers, mentors, investors and strategic service providers who can help you grow your business.

Receiving this great feedback and all the signups and new members from the event has been a very positive aspect. We at Yomillio strive hard to help all our members, startups, SMEs, and entrepreneurs, in every way we can.

Join Yomillio now! Hope to see you in person at our next event.

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