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Sales Leads for Yomillio Members

Is your sales going up at the speed at which you want it to?

This problem is considerably lessened for Yomillio members as “We help sell for them”.

All you need to do is Join our rapidly growing network and tell us what you sell, and what you need help buying. We will then start making  matches for the dynamically changing requirements of your business.

Who is selling for you? Yomillio members aren’t faced with this problem as We Help Sell For You. All you need to do is Join our exclusive network and tell us what you sell, and what you buy. Our commitment to you is to match you to potential customers and increase your sales.

Yomillio Member Benefits:

  • Intelligent matching to other businesses using human intelligence and machine learning
  • Invitations to our “addas”, or theme-based small networking groups, where you can meet new clients and industry experts one-on-one.


Yomillio is a great new concept steered by a team of expert professionals. They helped in reviving our sales to a great deal. The team understands your core competence and provides you with appropriate leads. It was a fantastic experience working with Yomillio. Keep up the good work!

Abhinanda Banerjee
Founder and Creative Director, An-e-motion

I approached Yomillio because I am always looking for new ways and channels to expand my business.

Yomillio helped me by introducing me directly to a client who was looking for a niche and modern interior design work.

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The result was I bagged the deal!
One thing I liked was their business matching process. Before making introductions Yomillio puts in great deal of effort in understanding requirements of both parties. Once they understand they make relevant introductions with clients/partners which makes it highly likely to convert into sale.

It was an fabulous experience working with Yomillio. Very efficient and intelligent process.

I would recommend Yomillio to businesses which want to grow faster.

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Mansi Deshpande
Proprietor, Mansi Deshpande Design Consultancy