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Step by Step Guide for Getting Started With Exports

Every business, however big or small, wants to go global and develop their market in every corner of the world.        Before thinking of growing the business in new markets outside the country, you need to do a little preparation in terms of regulatory compliance and risk management. Below are 10 critical steps for getting … Continue reading “Step by Step Guide for Getting Started With Exports”

GST Council Slashes Rates on Nearly 200 Items

At its meeting held earlier this month, the GST Council approved tax cuts on nearly 200 items in the 28% tax rate slab. The rate cut is applicable as of November 15, after the Centre and states issued notifications for the same. The Prime Minister is also positive about the benefits these changes will bring for … Continue reading “GST Council Slashes Rates on Nearly 200 Items”

Why is branding important for a small business?

  What does a customer remember when they think of you? Does a logo like “Coca Cola” or a slogan like “Just Do It” pop up in their mind? Or just a thought of something like coffee brings “Starbucks” to mind? This is branding. Branding in simple words is something that your existing and potential … Continue reading “Why is branding important for a small business?”

Digital Marketing for Startups vs SMEs

One of the most in-demand strategic business growth services that Yomillio members need help with is digital marketing. Both SMEs and startups find it just as hard to create good websites that draw a lot of visitors, and generate online leads and sales. The general principles are the same, but there are subtle differences in … Continue reading “Digital Marketing for Startups vs SMEs”

What are the merits and demerits of GST?

No denying the fact that the mood, at present, about GST is upbeat. GST has its own share of “naysayers,” as is usually the case when any new reform comes about but the below release from Moody’s Investors Service clearly highlights the over-all positive sentiments about GST. “Already FDI has seen a substantial increase and … Continue reading “What are the merits and demerits of GST?”

Top 5 Ways for Expanding Your Business Without Leaving the Comfort of Your Home

As a part of understanding all our clients and their wide range of needs, we did a persona exercise. One of the things that came to light was that many of our clients are facing problems in expanding beyond their present location. Specifically, how can I, a business located in Bangalore or other parts of … Continue reading “Top 5 Ways for Expanding Your Business Without Leaving the Comfort of Your Home”

Increase SME Sales by Targeting the Right Buyer Personas

The key benefit that sets Yomillio members apart from their competitors is that our AI matching engine is able to find the right buyers, sellers, distributors and service providers for your business. It works better when we have more data about what you do as a business, what you buy, make and sell. Today, I’m … Continue reading “Increase SME Sales by Targeting the Right Buyer Personas”

Online Sales Strategies for SMEs

The most asked for service on the Yomillio platform is the connect that our members are asking to other SME businesses who may be their potential customers. In order to do this, the Artificial Intelligence engine that does the matching to find the right buyers needs data on what you sell, your sales channels, and … Continue reading “Online Sales Strategies for SMEs”

Impact of GST on Startups in India

At the stroke of midnight, 1st of July 2017, India became one single market where there were no constrictive regulatory norms, where there is seamless movement of goods across the country in reduced time, and where many of the VAT regime challenges were obsolete. Although we are at a very initial stage of GST implementation, … Continue reading “Impact of GST on Startups in India”

Impact of GST on Hospitality Industry in India

On 1st July 2017, India took a significant step implementing the biggest indirect tax reform since independence when it opted for a four-tier GST structure, 5% to 28%, which will subsume various state and central levies hitherto in place, to help create a seamless national market. Indian Industry’s reaction to the GST implementation were mostly … Continue reading “Impact of GST on Hospitality Industry in India”