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How to Use Whatsapp for Business

I first wanted to make this a list of the top 50 business apps that would all be very useful for small business owners. But then, I just looked at the business apps whose notifications I have kept active, and I don’t see 50 – nowhere near that. There are only a handful of app … Continue reading “How to Use Whatsapp for Business”

Digital Marketing for Startups vs SMEs

One of the most in-demand strategic business growth services that Yomillio members need help with is digital marketing. Both SMEs and startups find it just as hard to create good websites that draw a lot of visitors, and generate online leads and sales. The general principles are the same, but there are subtle differences in … Continue reading “Digital Marketing for Startups vs SMEs”

How to Train Your New Sales Team

Every business should have it’s own customised sales training program that is in sync with their sales process. There are two parts to think of here, while designing a training program that works. One is to structure it in a way that incorporates best practices and steps for sales training. The second part is to … Continue reading “How to Train Your New Sales Team”

Top 5 Ways for Expanding Your Business Without Leaving the Comfort of Your Home

As a part of understanding all our clients and their wide range of needs, we did a persona exercise. One of the things that came to light was that many of our clients are facing problems in expanding beyond their present location. Specifically, how can I, a business located in Bangalore or other parts of … Continue reading “Top 5 Ways for Expanding Your Business Without Leaving the Comfort of Your Home”

Increase SME Sales by Targeting the Right Buyer Personas

The key benefit that sets Yomillio members apart from their competitors is that our AI matching engine is able to find the right buyers, sellers, distributors and service providers for your business. It works better when we have more data about what you do as a business, what you buy, make and sell. Today, I’m … Continue reading “Increase SME Sales by Targeting the Right Buyer Personas”

Online Sales Strategies for SMEs

The most asked for service on the Yomillio platform is the connect that our members are asking to other SME businesses who may be their potential customers. In order to do this, the Artificial Intelligence engine that does the matching to find the right buyers needs data on what you sell, your sales channels, and … Continue reading “Online Sales Strategies for SMEs”

Who Should Apply For GSTIN Number and How to Get It

Once again, for the first time since independence, India is heading forward towards another tryst with destiny. Implementing GST will bring about a lot of changes in its wake. With indirect tax contributing a staggering 34% of the total tax (direct+indirect) collected, it will change the face of India’s tax system. GST will transform the multiple value supply chain model … Continue reading “Who Should Apply For GSTIN Number and How to Get It”

Full List of GST Rates in India

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) regime is on track to be implemented in India with effect from July 1, 2017, after a long and arduous journey of about 13 long years when it was first discussed in Kelkar Task Force’s report on indirect taxes. On May 18, 2017, on the first day of the … Continue reading “Full List of GST Rates in India”