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Buyer’s Guide to Private Label Manufacturers and Suppliers

As a store owner or retail chain business, you have hundreds or maybe even thousands of products on the racks. How much is your profit margin on one unit of each product, and how much do you make on the product as a whole? Wholesalers typically double the manufacturer’s selling price, and retailers will go … Continue reading “Buyer’s Guide to Private Label Manufacturers and Suppliers”

What is Private Label Branding?

Private label branding is where a line of products or brand is available exclusively to the customers of a specific store or chain of stores, instead of being sold publicly by the manufacturer through many different distributors and retailers. The retailer offering this private label may or may not be the manufacturer.   Private label goods … Continue reading “What is Private Label Branding?”

Brand Building Tips to Make Your Business Stand Tall

You’ll find books and web guides on how to brand your business, and you can go to business school to learn about marketing. But what they don’t teach you in school is that your business needs to have a social conscience, and that consumers relate to what they see as a “good” company, startup or … Continue reading “Brand Building Tips to Make Your Business Stand Tall”

Personal Branding on Social Media, by @SoravJain

In this post, we are sharing with you excerpts from a lecture by Sorav Jain, CEO of digital marketing agency echoVME. Sorav was one of the speakers at the Demo Day Pitch event organised by Startups Club at the Taj Vivanta,  MG Road, Bangalore. He is an entrepreneur, digital and social media marketing consultant and coach, a published author, … Continue reading “Personal Branding on Social Media, by @SoravJain”

Why is branding important for a small business?

  What does a customer remember when they think of you? Does a logo like “Coca Cola” or a slogan like “Just Do It” pop up in their mind? Or just a thought of something like coffee brings “Starbucks” to mind? This is branding. Branding in simple words is something that your existing and potential … Continue reading “Why is branding important for a small business?”

Startup Brand Building Tools that SMEs Should Be Using

The landscape for SMEs is increasingly looking more positive and promising. To build on and deliver this promise, the Government of India has recently launched several initiatives like Make in India and Standup India, with the primary objectives of making India a global manufacturing hub. The aim is to raise the contribution of the manufacturing sector to … Continue reading “Startup Brand Building Tools that SMEs Should Be Using”