Biz Summit 1 for Growth – Brought to you by Yomillio and Startups Club

September 30, 2017, Posted By : Team Yomillio

Yomillio, in partnership with Startups Club, is organizing a 1-day business summit on Nov 4, 2017 at the Evoma Hotel, KR Puram.

The Biz Summit 1 event will bring together businesses and startups in the 0-6 year stage together with entrepreneurs, innovators and enablers. The goal of the summit is to show attendees the amount of branding, investment and sales support networks that they have access to.

Yomillio Startups Club Biz Summit at Evoma

Delegates and attendees will be able to connect with expert panelists, speakers and industry veterans who can collaborate and help build your dreams.

The 1-day event is being hosted by the Evoma Hotel and Business Center, KR Puram.

Together, these organizing entities have played a key role in building communities of 25k plus startups and businesses in Bangalore, and across the country.

The time and efforts spent at the Biz Summit by participants will provide high returns in terms of learning, networking and last but not least – a very special session – A WILD CARD ENTRY PITCH ARENA of Startups Club.

This will lead to the annual Demo Day 2017 Finale in December in Bangalore, which offers the opportunity to win a prize of INR 10 Lakhs and get funded as well.

Partnership opportunities for branding, sales and networking include your own business stall, special access to VIP guests, and sponsorship for business branding showcase.

Yomillio Startups Club Biz Summit partnerships

The Yomillio-StartupsClub Biz Summit is free for all attendees. Lunch coupons can be purchased separately on-site at the registration desk, after you arrive.

 Fill up this form to confirm your attendance at this free event.

Date: 4 Nov, 2017

Venue: Evoma Hotel, #14, Near Pashmina Waterfront, Bhattarahalli, KR Puram,  560069; Tel: 080-41903000

Timing: 9:30 am to 5:30 pm

Contact: 9845572820 or [email protected]

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