Month: March 2018

Sample Privacy Policy and Business App Best Practices

The Facebook data privacy breach scandals are just beginning to pile up, with multiple ongoing investigations in the United States, England, EU, India and other countries who are just becoming aware of how lax the privacy features were on Facebook. It allowed Cambridge Analytica and its parent SCL Group to siphon data and make use … Continue reading “Sample Privacy Policy and Business App Best Practices”

What is Private Label Branding?

Private label branding is where a line of products or brand is available exclusively to the customers of a specific store or chain of stores, instead of being sold publicly by the manufacturer through many different distributors and retailers. The retailer offering this private label may or may not be the manufacturer.   Private label goods … Continue reading “What is Private Label Branding?”

Brand Building Tips to Make Your Business Stand Tall

You’ll find books and web guides on how to brand your business, and you can go to business school to learn about marketing. But what they don’t teach you in school is that your business needs to have a social conscience, and that consumers relate to what they see as a “good” company, startup or … Continue reading “Brand Building Tips to Make Your Business Stand Tall”

Women’s Day and Women-Owned Business Statistics

March 8, we’ll be celebrating yet another International Women’s Day. It’s been 110 years now since the first Women’s Day in 1909, and the number of women-owned startups and entrepreneurs has risen steadily. As a matter of fact, women now regularly achieve the same incredible startup success and high-profile exits that every startup founder dreams … Continue reading “Women’s Day and Women-Owned Business Statistics”