Month: October 2017

How to Expand Your Business Without Money

If you’re thinking of expanding your business, the most important requirement is about how to fund the expansion. Should you raise funding? When to raise? How much to raise? What kind of funding, and from whom? It’s not necessary that you have to walk into a bank and take a small business loan for the … Continue reading “How to Expand Your Business Without Money”

Why is branding important for a small business?

  What does a customer remember when they think of you? Does a logo like “Coca Cola” or a slogan like “Just Do It” pop up in their mind? Or just a thought of something like coffee brings “Starbucks” to mind? This is branding. Branding in simple words is something that your existing and potential … Continue reading “Why is branding important for a small business?”

Darwin’s Law of Startups – Survival of the Fastest

The survival rate for new startups in India is worse than a new born deer in the jungle. Startups can so easily be trampled, crushed or otherwise steamrolled by any number of dangers that could be lurking round the corner. It could be new regulations, competition, market crash, financial mismanagement, flawed business models or pricing, … Continue reading “Darwin’s Law of Startups – Survival of the Fastest”

Digital Marketing for Startups vs SMEs

One of the most in-demand strategic business growth services that Yomillio members need help with is digital marketing. Both SMEs and startups find it just as hard to create good websites that draw a lot of visitors, and generate online leads and sales. The general principles are the same, but there are subtle differences in … Continue reading “Digital Marketing for Startups vs SMEs”

Startup Brand Building Tools that SMEs Should Be Using

The landscape for SMEs is increasingly looking more positive and promising. To build on and deliver this promise, the Government of India has recently launched several initiatives like Make in India and Standup India, with the primary objectives of making India a global manufacturing hub. The aim is to raise the contribution of the manufacturing sector to … Continue reading “Startup Brand Building Tools that SMEs Should Be Using”

Top 10 Business Networking Groups on LinkedIn

If you are an entrepreneur or a professional and wish to be more successful and productive, it goes without saying that you should be on LinkedIn, unquestionably the world’s largest professional network. According to the latest stats published on Fortune, LinkedIn now has over 500 million users from more than 200 countries and territories, 10 … Continue reading “Top 10 Business Networking Groups on LinkedIn”