The 3 coolest women startups of 2017

February 23, 2018, Posted By : Team Yomillio

The coolest startups to work for tend to be those that have raised funding, or have women as founders or at least cofounders. The work ethic and culture at both sets of startups seem to be significantly different, focused more on creativity and innovation – call it the freedom to innovate.

What is it about these funded startups that sets them apart, and who are these founders that bring their own sense of cool to their businesses? What is their story? We checked out three startups highlighted by Yourstory (whose founder and CEO is Shradha Sharma) that got funded in 2017, and are led by women.

1. Aditi Balbir

Aditi is founder and CEO of V Resorts, and raised $4 million in 2017, adding to the two rounds of $9 million each raised from Bedrock Ventures, Seedfund and RB Investments. It’s not just a startup for Aditi, who says on her LinkedIn page that “Her human capital vision is that V Resorts exists as an incubator for women who love their jobs.”

Aditi Balbir

2. Neha Kant

Neha KantNeha is founder and director of Clovia Lingerie, a 6-year old startup that has also raised $4 million last year.

For Neha, the startup is again not just a business, but also a means of shedding sunlight on how a woman-owned business selling lingerie is doing digital marketing for a product that is traditionally not even mentioned in Indian conversations.

In fact, she takes the topic head on and has created a social media community and content platform for women to discuss these issues.

clovia fashions twitter

3. Jyotsna Pattabiraman

Jyotsna PattabiramanJyotsna is founder and CEO of Grow Fit, a 2-year old mobile app that uses AI to connect users in need of fitness help to experts who can answer their questions and coach them through a fitness program. Grow Fit, which has raised $4.5 million last year, is once again not just a business for Jyotsna. 

It’s based on her own personal experience, when she came back to India to find a lot of relatives and friends who had diet issues and needed some expert fitness guidance.

These are three different startups, in different stages of growth in entirely unrelated verticals, led by three very different women. And yet, there is a common thread that you can see in all of them – a social conscience to mean something in addition to a profit statement, that sets the startup apart from the hundreds and thousands of startups with innovative products and solutions.

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