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Everything you need to know about marketing – the latest trends, best practices, how to reach your customers, conceptualise a marketing strategy and budget, implement it, track the metrics and ROI, and align it with sales goals.

Do You Know How Much it Costs You to Get One New Customer?

As a small business or startup, it’s critically important for you to know your revenue and costs. That’s why you create business plans and projections, and then do debit and credit ledger entries in your accounting software. You do cost analysis and breakeven analysis in order to set the right pricing for your products or … Continue reading “Do You Know How Much it Costs You to Get One New Customer?”

5 Ways Startups Can Compete With Big Companies

When you are running a small business or a startup, you have to spend heavily on marketing to reach the same customers that your competitors are already targeting.  How does a small warrior compete against well-established companies whose team size and budget can easily dwarf yours? These are 5 ways that startups can focus their resources … Continue reading “5 Ways Startups Can Compete With Big Companies”