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Looking for investors and equity funding? Yomillio can connect you with funding consultants, mentors and investors who can help you raise equity funding for business growth.

Building Investor Friendly Businesses

A common theme running through the Biz Summit event was a focus on how startups and SMEs in need of financing can connect with investors. Pitches made by both 21Dojo and Pitchdeck & Beyond were obviously about what they do – which is to provide startup businesses the tools they need to create a professional … Continue reading “Building Investor Friendly Businesses”

Pitchdeck Pitches to Startups on How to Pitch to Investors

One of Yomillio’s core offerings is to help our members raise funding by providing you with the tools and resources you need to do it, in addition to direct connects and business networking opportunities to meet with investors.     This was a highlight of last week’s Biz Summit event, where one of the startups … Continue reading “Pitchdeck Pitches to Startups on How to Pitch to Investors”

Pros and Cons of Debt Funding vs Equity Funding

Before we get to the list of pros and cons of debt funding vs equity funding, let’s take a minute to understand why this is so important. The problem is that at least 50% of new businesses fail inside the first five years, and the number increases to more than 85% by year 10.   … Continue reading “Pros and Cons of Debt Funding vs Equity Funding”