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Darwin’s Law of Startups – Survival of the Fastest

The survival rate for new startups in India is worse than a new born deer in the jungle. Startups can so easily be trampled, crushed or otherwise steamrolled by any number of dangers that could be lurking round the corner. It could be new regulations, competition, market crash, financial mismanagement, flawed business models or pricing, … Continue reading “Darwin’s Law of Startups – Survival of the Fastest”

Adam Houlahan on The LinkedIn Playbook and B2B Marketing

Adam Houlahan is the CEO of Web Traffic That Works, social media strategist, LinkedIn B2B marketing expert, and the brand ambassador of Microsoft in Australia. So far, Adam has owned and managed six companies. He is an expert in designing innovative social media strategies that deliver quality leads, and is a LinkedIn influencer who can … Continue reading “Adam Houlahan on The LinkedIn Playbook and B2B Marketing”