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December 19, 2017, Posted By : Team Yomillio

In this post, we are sharing with you excerpts from a lecture by Sorav Jain, CEO of digital marketing agency echoVME. Sorav was one of the speakers at the Demo Day Pitch event organised by Startups Club at the Taj Vivanta,  MG Road, Bangalore.

He is an entrepreneur, digital and social media marketing consultant and coach, a published author, and a reputed speaker of note at tech and startup events.

Sorav speaks at length for over an hour in this lecture (see full video) about how to personalize branding on social media. Here’s a few excerpts highlighting the invaluable gems of information and guidelines he provided on how to develop your personal brand on social media.

Social publishing vs. social networking

“I prefer social publishing than social networking…. reason is that social networking sites’ algorithm keeps changing. People might not search or discover you on social networking sites. Social publishing gives you more mileage as it requires more effort and adds more value. It adds more to your personal brand and stands unique and become a unique identity and is not everyone’s piece of cake… Social publishing gives more visibility on the search engines, and then people discover you and find you on social networking sites and contact you.”

Building better social media accounts

“First of all – have a polished profile, with a smiling face and a complete bio on social media. Have a virtual agenda. Follow people and interact with your followers. Share what you do in your professional and personal life, and tell them as stories in virtual media.

Build your brands slowly, start slowly. There is a rule of 1-9-90. One percent is publishers. Nine percent are interacted posters of what the one percent posts. Ninety percent are lookers about what is happening between the other two. Try coming out of 90 to 1 in course of time.

Instagram is the future for tomorrow

Sorav said in his talk that “in Social media Instagram is the future for tomorrow,” and also gave some great tips on how to use the different social networks correctly. He mentioned that he “Uses messenger broadcast more than emails for more interactions,” and later predicted that these business broadcasts will further increase when Whatsapp enters the business messaging arena next year.

“Social media for personal branding is excellent. It is opportunity available around, decide what you got and decide your niche. Start posting what you like – tutorials, and teach people what you are passionate about. And then you start earning respect, credibility and an authority of the topic. Moreover not all can do what you can, so there are people who want you to do what you are best at… Potential of social media is immense… If we offer something and create a circle of relation with people online, they will want to keep in touch and use our services now and in long run too.”

Bring a personal touch to your professional social network

“Have a clear profile picture on twitter to show value and have a clear bio and your niche. Have all accounts aligned together so that anyone and all can help creating branding and more visibility across channels.”

We know and follow people due to their social brands, created by their hard work. So you need to do the same thing too. Sorav added that “Social media is the platform to showcase what you are, and what you believe strongly. A personal touch to your professional social media will help you create your own known brand across.”

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