Darwin’s Law of Startups – Survival of the Fastest

October 23, 2017, Posted By : Team Yomillio

The survival rate for new startups in India is worse than a new born deer in the jungle. Startups can so easily be trampled, crushed or otherwise steamrolled by any number of dangers that could be lurking round the corner. It could be new regulations, competition, market crash, financial mismanagement, flawed business models or pricing, uncontrolled growth, legal liabilities and more.

It doesn’t mean that successful businesses don’t face challenges. It just means that they are growing fast and already capable of facing these challenges. This is Darwin’s Law of Startups – Survival of the Fastest.

That’s why we urge you – Don’t Walk. SPRINT! Become fast and strong quickly by joining Yomillio.

How do you grow quickly? The two main ways to accelerate growth is by getting more sales and access to funding. Yomillio members get help from the community on both counts.

How to Get More Funding For Accelerating Growth

If you need funding to grow – to apply for a new contract, or expand your business, or start a new branch, then join Yomillio. Use our funding application form to let us know your requirements. We will  identify and connect you directly to multiple Funding Partners who are the right match to fulfill your needs.        

B2B Sales Leads and Tools For Accelerating Growth

sales As a Yomillio member, we send you curated leads matching your company profile and capabilities. These are matched leads that are more likely to convert into actual sales if you follow-up and contact the buyer, who is also a fellow Yomillio member.

Apart from sending you a steady flow of matched leads, we provide assistance in many ways to help our members with sales acceleration.

For example: One Yomillio Partner is Lucep, a B2B sales acceleration tool that will help you get more leads from website and convert them into customers quickly, before the competition even finds out about the lead.  

In a recent video interview, we asked Lucep Co-founder and Director of Marketing & Sales Zal Dastur how using Lucep will help a startup or small business increase sales. This is a part of the transcript below that tells you the answer:

“Lucep helps small businesses and startups compete on a level playing field with much bigger companies, and the way we do that is by helping their business respond to customer callback requests as soon as possible… The reality is that most businesses really underestimate how doing a fast sale, or responding quickly to a customer can impact not only their sales cycle, but also their conversion rate.”

Digital Marketing Tips For Accelerating Growth

Digital marketing for startups vs SMEsAs a business, you cannot ignore customers available online on the web and email, on mobile and on social media. Making use of Yomillio’s B2B platform is one way to network and connect with potential customers, business partners, distributors and talent. You must also optimize what you do on your website, social media  accounts and other digital platforms to engage customers and others who can help you grow your business quickly.

I understand that digital marketing is not your core area of expertise. You need to make use of an agency or consultants who can help you with traffic analytics, SEO, social media, paid ads and most importantly – website design and development.

Did you know that the speed at which your website pages load makes a huge difference to the number of leads and sales that you get online? Website visitors have a very short attention span of about 8-15 seconds at most. If you website page doesn’t load in the first 3-4 seconds after they click on a link and arrive at your site, then they will close the window and move on to something else.

So if you ask your website developer to make your web pages load just a little bit faster, it can have a huge impact. Studies have shown that a small 1-second improvement in page loading time will increase conversions by up to 7%.

So the best way to kickstart your digital marketing process is by doing whatever website performance improvement you can. Want to know more?

Enter your email below to request a free website audit from a Yomillio digital marketing partner.

This audit will provide you highly specific metrics about how good your website is in terms of speed, performance and SEO, along with detailed suggestions and recommendations about what changes you need to make to improve your website.        

In today’s world of online marketing and sales, Darwin’s law of survival for startups is all about speed – your online speed – webpage loading speed, lead response speed, social networking speed, and the ability to provide instant and efficient customer support.

So use the tools provided above to check your website performance and speed. Use online marketing automation tools to provide instant response to your new and existing customers.

Most important – Join Yomillio now. Accelerate your online sales growth strategy. Get funded. Establish business networking connections with businesses across India.

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