Adam Houlahan on The LinkedIn Playbook and B2B Marketing

September 25, 2017, Posted By : Team Yomillio

Adam Houlahan is the CEO of Web Traffic That Works, social media strategist, LinkedIn B2B marketing expert, and the brand ambassador of Microsoft in Australia.

So far, Adam has owned and managed six companies.

He is an expert in designing innovative social media strategies that deliver quality leads, and is a LinkedIn influencer who can help you gain real influence and credibility through social media.

At Web Traffic That Works, Adam and his team have created specialized programs to generate targeted leads every day.

The attraction marketing program by Web Traffic That Works is tailored to suit any business without compromizing the fact that your business is as unique as you are. This program helps you to connect with your ideal prospects and convert them into loyal customers.

Yomillio business networkingAdam Houlahan is also the author of “The LinkedIn Play Book” – a LinkedIn B2B marketing guide that is full of tactics and practical advice to revamp your social selling practices.

Another social media book authored by Adam is Social Media Secret Sauce, which aims to help you grow from 0 to 200,000 followers in just an hour per day.

Q & A With Adam Houlahan

Question1) You have written The LinkedIn Play Book, which is being used by your clients in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Singapore, Dubai and The UK. It mentions Social Serving versus Social Selling. Can you explain what this means, and tell us what this book contains that makes it so effective?

Adam) Your business’ why must be totally aligned with the needs of your clients. Your social-media strategy must also be aligned, and it must deliver a never-ending stream of high-value content and solutions. When you follow this methodology, the relationship-building process is what positions you and your company with pre-eminence, and creates a culture whereby your contacts and connections want to become customers and are desperate to work with you.

One of the key distinctions of social serving, when compared to social selling, is quite simply that it does not require a sales process. Social selling is still, at its core, a sales tool. When you create pre-eminence through social serving, the pre-sales conversation process that exists in social selling is replaced by a laser focus on delivering value and being valued by your connections. When they’re ready to do business with you, they will come knocking on your door asking to become a client or customer.

The book is the step by step guide on how you create a business that practices social selling, and specifically how to do that on LinkedIn.

Question2) What is the best way to do free B2B LinkedIn marketing?

Adam) Free is almost impossible, you either need to commit your time (which has a value) or invest in tools that assist you to do your marketing. I believe LinkedIn offers the opportunity for both options, you can start out doing everything yourself and then as your business grows you can hire Virtual Assistants to do these tasks for you. The book covers this as well.

Question3) Step by step guide to businesses who want to start using LinkedIn Navigator?

Adam) That is a huge topic in itself, once you sign up for Navigator LinkedIn provides an excellent step by step guide on getting the most value from this service. I would recommend using this free service from LinkedIn.

Question4) Apart from Navigator, what other tools do you recommend for doing B2B LinkedIn marketing?

Adam) Of course, we focus on our LinkedIn program which comes complete with all of the tools and strategies required to create a successful marketing campaign on LinkedIn.

Question5) What are some of the most common mistakes made by B2B companies doing LinkedIn marketing?

Adam) Probably the most common is not taking their connections on a journey of discovery to see if what you offer is the right fit for them. Most marketers focus on themselves and what they do instead of on their connections and providing them with a ton of value and insight before suggesting they check out a product or service they are promoting.

Question6) LinkedIn is very useful in generating B2B leads, but how about website traffic and SEO? How can you use LinkedIn for this?

Adam) LinkedIn is really about creating one on one conversations, it is not the best platform for trying to get thousands or tens of thousands of people to your website. Facebook would be a better platform to do that.

Question7) Can you tell us about your The Web Traffic That Works program? What is Deep Dive, and how does it help your clients produce a lead generation sales funnel?

Adam) Our program really covers the methodology outlined in The Playbook, we have created all of the tools and the processes we have been using ourselves over the years to generate a  high quality client base from LinkedIn. It is a completely on-line program with video tutorials, workbooks, templates and much more to help anyone replicate exactly what we do.

Question8) Any other LinkedIn Marketing tips or suggestion that you want to share?

Adam) We also have a free 4-week course that anyone can get access to, over 6,200 people have used this free resource to improve their LinkedIn profile, you can grab it here.

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