10 things to keep in mind while hiring website designers

February 9, 2018, Posted By : Team Yomillio

Finding a website designer is one of the most in-demand services that a lot of Yomillio members and non-members inquire about. In our quixotic quest to find the right designer who can serve as a partner providing the design services required, we have sat through endless interviews, project discussions and negotiations.

The one thing that we have learnt is that web designers in general are a very sneaky lot – they’ll say and do anything to get the project. They’ll call you and send portfolios, request meetings and give you presentations. Once you hire them, they become astonishingly busy (with other projects), and yours is always “in progress.”

Once you do get the work, you’re likely to need a revision or two. This is the ultimate insult to said designer, who will look at you like Michaelangelo being asked to redo the Sistine Chapel. At the end of it, the bill you get will likely be enough for a Mona Lisa, and that’s the point.

If you’re going to pay a fortune that could buy you a work of art, then you should get one in the form of a website that is an absolute beauty – a masterpiece of form, functionality and user experience. Allow us to share with you the process of hiring these talented geniuses who can make your digital business presence a guaranteed success even before it’s available online.

1. Talk to people you know, who have hired website designers.

2. Type their website name into Google, find their location, and visit their website.

3. Don’t look at their website. Instead, look at their portfolio, and then visit those websites.

4. Contact the designer, and explain the kind of customer experience that you want to provide.

5. See if the designer understands not just the concept for the scope of work, but the vision behind your company, business and product.

6. Time – Ask how many other projects the designer has ongoing, and if he or she has any time for you.

7. Ask how many revisions they will provide, in case you need any changes.

8. Compare prices for the same job with multiple designers, and then choose the one that is most suitable based on the aforementioned criteria.

9. Hire 2-3 different designers for different projects, so you have established relationships with all of them, in case your regular designer is not able to provide the services required.

10. Website design is an art. Hire an artist who creates beautiful, unique websites that your visitors will remember and love to use, and become your customers.

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